2022 - 2023

100 Page Graphic Novel & 400 Airdrops for Holders

The Toddlerpillars have escaped their diabolic caretakers to bring about the dawning of a New Age! However, will the corruption of the Lonely ‘Pillar spell Doom for humanity? Join the High Priest and his Acolytes as they hasten to save the world from a Surreal Nightmare of Kaiju-sized proportions! Watch reality itself break down, as pocket dimensions open up like inconvenient manholes into even stranger realities. Ectoplasmic visions, Sentient fungi, evangelical madmen, catatonic killers and psycho-active gland juice abounds in this Psychedelic and Alchemical adventure from the minced brains of artists Christopher Ulrich, Tim Molloy & Jon Beinart.

Our 100 page psychedelic graphic novel Toddlerpillar Apocalypse will be published in 2023. Join our email list to be notified when it is available.

Custom Vinyl Toys & Group Exhibition

Our Toddlerpillar toys are available for artists to customise (sculpt & paint) for two group shows in Melbourne, Australia in Sept 2023. The larger show at Beinart Gallery will feature both world-renowned and extraordinary emerging artists from all over the world, and the second show at This is Not a Toy Store will exhibit stand-out locals from the custom toy scene.

Order your Toddlerpillars for customisation & submit your works to info@toddlerpillars.com

View the list of confirmed participating artists.

Chimerapillar Trait Merge and Burn

Our new Chimerapillar Merge & Burn is live! Holders can select their favourite traits from 2 Chimerapillars and merge them into 1 while reducing the supply with a burn mechanism. Play the rarity game by merging ultra-rare traits together and creating the ultimate Chimerapillar! With 888 traits, the options are almost unlimited!

100s of Airdrops for Holders

100s of unique Toddlerpillar artworks will be airdropped to wallets holding both Toddlerpillars & Chimerapillars. Many of these airdrops will be hi-res panels and pages from our graphic novel and will grant commercial rights to holders. The number of airdrops received by each wallet will depend on the number of Toddlerpillars & Chimerapillars held. Our airdrop tiers are as follows:

• 1 Chimerapillar + 1 Toddlerpillar = 20% of all airdrops

• 2 Chimerapillars + 2 Toddlerpillars = 40% of all airdrops

• 3 Chimerapillars + 3 Toddlerpillars = 60% of all airdrops

• 6 Chimerapillars + 6 Toddlerpillar = 80% of all airdrops

• 9 Chimerapillars + 9 Toddlerpillars = 100% of all airdrops

Beyond 2023

More Custom Vinyl Toys & Group Exhibitions

We aim to work with various toy companies to create modular Toddlerpillar & Chimerapillar vinyl toys for artists to customise for future group exhibitions in the United States & other countries. These collectable toys will have interchangeable animal and baby parts.

Long Term Vision of An Animated Series

We’ll pitch our Toddlerpillar Apocalypse graphic novel to various animation studios and production companies and hope to find a team who are interested in developing our story into an animated series.

Toddlerpillar Art Gallery in the Metaverse

We are collecting Toddlerpillar and Chimerapillar inspired art & animations by some of the most talented artists in our extended community. You can see our growing collection in our Pillaverse Art Vault. We will build an online art gallery in the metaverse to permanently showcase this collection. Each artwork is like a portal to a parallel pillarverse, governed by the imagination of its creator. We invite all creatives to participate in our project by expanding upon the Pillarian multiverse with full creative license.