About Toddlerpillars

Toddlerpillars are the brainchildren of artist and Beinart Gallery owner Jon Beinart, and his friend, award-winning graphic novelist and artist, Tim Molloy. These strange adorable creatures evolved from Jon’s notorious insectoid doll sculptures (2002 – 2011), which frequently went viral on the internet and were published widely in art books and magazines in the 2000s.

This project marks Jon’s return to his iconic Toddlerpillars, with a 100 page graphic novel, vinyl toys, custom toy art shows & digital collectables.

This new chapter began in 2021 with the mass-birthing of the digital descendants of Jon’s sculptures. Tim became the projects illustrator and together, they released two generative art collections, ToddlerpillarsChimerapillars, each with 888 unique and mind-bending traits. Their aim was to bring a sense of playful absurdity and comical horror to the space as well as a level of detail and complexity that was rarely seen in digital collectables.

In mid-2022 Jon reached out to his friend Christopher Ulrich, to help him & Tim develop the Toddlerpillar lore into a 100 page psychedelic graphic novel titled Toddlerpillar Apocalypse. It is due for release in 2024. Jon & Tim have also released their first blank vinyl Toddlerpillar toy for artists to customise (sculpt & paint) for two huge group shows in Melbourne, Australia in October 2023. These two shows will take place at Beinart Gallery & This is Not a Toy Store, and will feature a host of internationally renowned artists and extraordinary emerging artists from all over the world.

Both Jon & Tim will continue expanding the Toddlerpillar universe with the release of their graphic novel, collectable toys, custom toy art shows, digital collectables, animations and more!

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