Toddlerpillar Apocalypse Graphic Novel

The Toddlerpillars have escaped their diabolic caretakers to bring about the dawning of a New Age! However, will the corruption of the Lonely ‘Pillar spell Doom for humanity? Join the High Priest and his Acolytes as they hasten to save the world from a Surreal Nightmare of Kaiju-sized proportions! Watch reality itself break down, as pocket dimensions open up like inconvenient manholes into even stranger realities.

Ectoplasmic visions, Sentient fungi, evangelical madmen, catatonic killers and psycho-active gland juice abounds in this Psychedelic and Alchemical adventure from the minced brains of artists Christopher Ulrich, Tim Molloy & Jon Beinart.

Toddlerpillar Apocalypse is currently in production, with Christopher and Tim working around the clock to produce 100 highly detailed full-colour pages.

When Will The Graphic Novel Be Available?

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