Custom Vinyl Toys & Group Exhibitions

Our Toddlerpillar toys are available for artists to customise (sculpt & paint) for two group shows in Melbourne, Australia in late 2023. The larger show at Beinart Gallery (Oct) will feature both world-renowned and extraordinary emerging artists from all over the world, including Australia, and the second show at This is Not a Toy Store (Nov) will exhibit stand-out locals from the custom toy scene.

Order your Toddlerpillars for customisation & submit your works to

Deadline for submissions: Send photos of your customised Toddlerpillars to by August 1st if you wish to be considered for the exhibitions. A curated selection of submitted works will be included in both group shows.

New Toy Releases & Group Show Updates

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Artists in the Toddlerpillars show at Beinart Gallery

Tokyo Jesus

Elizabeth Mcgrath

Alex Garant


Sergio Garcia

Kathie Olivas

Brandt Peters

Alessandro Boezio

Aof Smith

Jessica Dalva

Ciane Xavier

Emma Black

Briana Hertzog

Sandra Arteaga

Catriona Secker

Seymour (Peter Kelk)


Stephanie Kilgast

Kirsten Egan

Akishi Ueda

Andrew Cadima

Jesús Aguado

Isabel Peppard

Hedi Xandt

Chris Haas

Olivier Pauwels


Alexander Reisfar

Forest Rogers

Mario Torres

Julian Clavijo

Stephen Ives

Costa Magarakis

Michihiro Matsuoka

Freya Jobbins

Mike Leavitt

Beau White


Linnea Strid

Min kyoung-ik

Richard A Moore

Kaity Oshea

David Lee Pereira

Jamie Bates Slone

Adrian Cogiel

Chris Leib


Mono Cieza

Masao Kinoshita

Christophe Gilland

John Chen

Skylar Fleming

Pickled Circus

Brad Gunn

Roni Landa

Kelley Benes

Nathan Margoni

Peter Kelk

Bayard Baudoin

Vague Sadan

Mei Mei

Francisco Esnayra

Diogo Monteiro

Jon Beinart