Graphic Novel & Custom Toy Show

Toddlerpillar Apocalpyse Graphic Novel

The Toddlerpillars have escaped their diabolic caretakers to bring about the dawning of a New Age! However, will the corruption of the Lonely ‘Pillar spell Doom for humanity? Join the High Priest and his Acolytes as they hasten to save the world from a Surreal Nightmare of Kaiju-sized proportions! Watch reality itself break down, as pocket dimensions open up like inconvenient manholes into even stranger realities.

Ectoplasmic visions, Sentient fungi, evangelical madmen, catatonic killers and psycho-active gland juice abounds in this Psychedelic and Alchemical adventure from the minced brains of artists Christopher Ulrich, Tim Molloy & Jon Beinart.

Toddlerpillar Apocalypse is currently in production, with Christopher and Tim working around the clock to produce 100 highly detailed full-colour pages.

The publication & release date has been scheduled for late 2024.

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Custom Vinyl Toys & Group Exhibitions

Our blank vinyl Toddlerpillar toys are available for artists to customise (sculpt & paint) for two group shows in Melbourne, Australia in late 2023. The first show at Beinart Gallery will feature both world-renowned and extraordinary emerging artists from all over the world, including Australia and will open Oct 28th, 6-9pm and run until Nov 19th. The second show at This is Not a Toy Store will exhibit stand-out locals from the custom toy community and beyond and will open Nov 3rd, 6-9pm and will run until Nov 25th.

Order your Toddlerpillar for $90 AUD ($60 USD)

Toddlerpillars are 21 cm (8.27″) tall. 8 colours are available in limited editions of 25 – 50. Toddlerpillar toy design by IsmToys.

Deadline for submissions: Send photos of your customised Toddlerpillars to by September 1st if you are based outside of Australia (October 10th for those within Australia) if you wish to be considered for either of these exhibitions. Please do not send unsolicited physical submissions to Beinart Gallery or This is Not a Toy StoreInternational artists should email their images earlier to allow for shipping time. A curated selection of submitted works will be exhibited and available for sale.

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Digital Collectables

Toddlerpillars & Chimerapillars

Through a ragged hole in reality crawled 9,999 Toddlerpillars, generated from 888 mind-bending traits. These ectoplasmic demigods have turned our reality inside out, but fear not! The Chimerapillars have been summoned to save humanity from the Toddlerpillar apocalypse!

Toddlerpillar & Chimerapillar holders join an inter-dimensional art collective with access to exclusive airdrops from the Toddlerpillar Apocalypse graphic novel with hi-res files & commercial rights, Toddlerpillar vinyl toys, custom toy art shows, metaverse exhibitions & much more! 

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Chimerapillars Are Minting Now!

Mint Chimerapillars and try our new Merge & Burn utility! Holders can select their favourite traits from 2 Chimerapillars and merge them into 1 while reducing the supply with a burn mechanism. Play the rarity game by merging ultra-rare traits together and creating the ultimate Chimerapillar! With 888 traits, the options are almost unlimited!


20 year history of the Toddlerpillars

This project evolved from Jon Beinart’s infamous insectoid doll sculptures, the Toddlerpillars, which were originally birthed in 2002. These sculptures were published widely in art books and popular magazines and they frequently went viral, reaching all corners of the internet. They were also exhibited in a number of galleries and museums.

In 2011 Jon moved on from this series of sculptures to focus on his oil paintings. In 2016 he opened Beinart Gallery in Melbourne Australia.

This project marks Jon’s return to one of his earliest artistic creations, the Toddlerpillars, in a partnership with the incredible illustrator, Tim Molloy.